Allied Veterans Roofing, Solar & HVAC Company is a veteran owned and operated company comprised of experienced, talented, and knowledgeable home improvement professionals dedicated to providing California homeowners with energy conserving solutions to their home improvement needs.

We are passionate about creating a quality meets value fusion for every home improvement project we take on.

We take great pride in accomplishing our mission of delivering a positive customer experience, holding ourselves to military grade honor, integrity, and esprit de corps.

Who We Are

Allied Veterans is an Ethically Responsible, Veteran Owned, and Unapologetically Patriotic sales and marketing company that is under contract by a growing number of select construction companies to find homeowners in need of their services.
We are a group of professionals with expertise in all types of construction sales, but specifically, Roofing, Solar, HVAC, Home Battery Storage, and Home Backup Generators.
We are in the marketplace to provide a service to homeowners through our knowledge and experience to help them identify and contract with the right construction company to handle their particular home improvement needs.
There are many pitfalls a homeowner can fall into when attempting to do this on their own, whether it be for lack of time to do adequate research, or lack of experience in knowing what they should look for in selecting a construction company. This is what we do all day, every day, we’ve done the research, and we have identified these pitfalls and we help our customers avoid them.
Solar Panel