Battery Backup3 Major Reasons why Battery Backup is Necessary:

There are many reasons why battery backup is necessary. The use of solar energy is majorly dependent on the availability of sunlight. Consequently, upon this, the power generation ability of the solar panel tends to be stronger in weather conditions where sunny conditions are prevalent than in conditions where sunlight is replaced by coldness.

Hence, the need of a battery for the conservation of and storage of power when there is a decline in sunlight is necessary. Conservative solar battery types may range from solar-flooded to sealed or lithium but the most durable of the lot is the lithium battery type and it tends to also cost a lot more than the two options.

Necessity of battery backup: 3 major reasons

Carbon Footprint:

The use of solar energy minimizes the extent of carbon footprint to some extent but the possession of home battery storage helps to keep the carbon footprint to a negligible level.

In fact, the aim of a home battery backup storage is to help the owner completely detach themselves from dependence on the conventional power supply source whether coal gas or powered grid. Just as opined earlier, the presence of home batteries can help conserve sunlight for home usage even in seasonal conditions where sunlight is not frequent.

Access to Electricity during natural disasters:

Natural disasters such as the winter storm that happened in Texas in 2021 can affect the electricity grid and power supply to homes thereby leaving homes without access to power. This can be devastating especially for homes with members who are dependent on a medical device or machine that relies on electricity.

Home batteries with high capacity storage can still conserve electricity which can serve the homes pending when the harsh weather condition will normalize and things return to normal.

Essentially, the unpredictability of weather conditions is a major reason why the ownership of a home battery storage is important.

As the pangs of climate change continue to resonate more and more, there is a need for significant investment in solar energy in order to stem the tide of climate change and also to maintain access to power in the event of harsh weather conditions.


The use of solar panels without a battery backup storage unit implies that there will still be partial dependence on electricity from the national or state grid.

Home batteries help the user to conserve excess power generated from the solar panel for use later on. It is a win-win situation for the owner as they can be assured of light even when other solar panel users are out of power due to their lack of a battery storage unit.

The investment in solar energy is not only financially smart especially in the long term, it is also a great gesture that can profit the environment and by extension the health and wellbeing of the homeowner.

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