There are many, many, MANY “lead generation” companies out there. All home improvement companies of California solar company know them because they bog down our phone lines daily with telemarketers trying to sell us “leads”, but I’ll give you the initials of some of the worst offenders “A.L”, “H.A”, “M”, “S.R”, “C.E.E”, “Y”.

They lure homeowners in with the claim that they will refer them to “preferred partners”, “reputable companies”, “certified companies” that perform the service that the homeowner is looking for, but the truth is that in most cases, they are simply looking to sell these “referrals” to any company that is desperate, and gullible enough to buy them.

They appear at the top of all the search engines because they have a huge budget, these “referrals” are very valuable to these lead generation companies of California solar company, and they want to make sure they capture the homeowners information before anybody else does.

Why is important to know of California solar company (ALLIED VETERANS) OFFERS AN ETHICAL REFERRAL FEE.?

When they have a good “lead flow”, the telemarketers get to work calling home improvement companies to get them to sign up for their “services” using words such as “exclusive”, “semi-exclusive”, “fresh” when referring to these leads or “referrals”.

Depending on the quality of the lead, a home improvement company can anticipate spending anywhere from $60 to $250 per lead. But then who’s going to manage these leads? The homeowner has to be called in most cases multiple times in order to get a hold of them, and then IF the home improvement company is lucky enough to get a hold of them, maybe they’ll get an appointment.

On the other hand, if the home improvement company is not able to reach the homeowner, or if they find out for whatever reason it’s a “bad lead”, whoever they employ to manage these leads has to go back to the lead provider to get a credit or a refund for the bad lead.

As a business owner of California solar company, if you think about this process, logic and common sense would dictate that IF these companies’ leads were that good, then they would have no need for these telemarketers trying to sell them. They would have incoming calls from home improvement companies trying to buy them!

The game is that they get a home improvement company on the hook buying these leads, and ride the wave until they catch on. When they do catch on and CANCEL their subscription, then the lead generation company obviously has to replace their “Certified”, “Reputable”, or “Preferred” company with the next “Certified”, “Reputable”, or “Preferred” company that will buy their leads……this is the ‘turn and burn’ process.

If a home improvement company does sign up for these “services”, has a good process set up for these leads, if their lead manager is on the ball and doesn’t mind the tedium of phone call after phone call, playing the game with the lead provider then they can anticipate an acquisition cost of $2,000-3,000 per signed project when all is said and done.

“A.L”, “H.A”, “M”, “S.R”, “C.E.E”, “Y” or one of the many others has now successfully installed themselves as a completely unnecessary “middleman” and driven up the cost of any project by $2,000-3,000 which of course has to be passed on to the unsuspecting homeowner.

Allied Veterans Roofing, Solar & HVAC Company has absolutely no desire to play these silly games which is why we offer what we call an “Ethical Referral Fee”.

Real, legitimate referrals (you know the old fashioned way) from friends, associates, colleagues, satisfied customers…..etc, effectively remove the illegitimate middleman and that $2,000-3,000 additional cost per signed project associated with them!

Not only does this reduce the cost of the project for the referee, but the referrer will receive a token of our appreciation for helping to eliminate these parasite companies from our industry.

Sadly, there will still be home improvement companies out there still desperate and gullible enough to sign up with these lead generation companies, and so we’ll keep getting those calls from their telemarketers hoping that we are one of them from California solar company, but with the help of the Ethical Referral Fee Program we aren’t!

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