California Solar Rebate Calculator

When solar shopping in California, the solar rebates and incentives available to home owners are enticing. 1 One of the most popular solar incentive programs available today is the California Solar Initiative (CSI). The CSI offers solar rebate incentives to help reduce solar costs for homeowners.

The solar rebate from CSI varies from region to region based upon three main factors: solar insolation, solar plan type and solar financing options.

The solar program is divided into three main regions: North, Central and South. Each region has a different solar rebate for solar panel installations, so homeowners should research the regional solar rebates available in their area. The average solar rebate for California is $3.00 per watt put on the solar system. The solar calculations that follow were done using SolarWise, a solar calculation and design software for solar panel installations.

The california solar rebate calculator will vary greatly depending on what region of California you reside in as well as your financing options. For example, if an individual does not have cash to put down on their solar installation or solar lease, then their solar rebate amount will be relatively low. The solar rebate calculations outlined below were completed using the solar insolation factor for San Jose, California (in northern California) and assumed a solar panel installation without solar leasing.

First, I entered the average solar insolation data for San Jose into SolarWise. This gave me the solar insolation data required to calculate how much solar power would be generated over a year’s time in kilowatt hours (kWH). I then jumped over to Google and plugged in “solar panel cost” to find out how much solar panels cost for an installation.

Using these solar numbers, I could now plug them into SolarWise and calculate the solar performance ratio (SPR) and solar rebate amount. A solar performance ratio of 1 is equal to an average solar installation in California; SPR numbers lower than one indicate less solar power production, while solar installations with a value greater that 1 indicate more solar power production.

Using solar insolation numbers from San Jose, I found the solar panel system’s SPR to be 0.79. In other words, this solar installation would produce 79% of a solar installation in California on an average day given similar solar panel specifications and financing options. The solar rebate amount for a solar installation with a solar performance ratio of 0.79 is $0.26 per solar watt.

After plugging in the solar rebate amount, solar performance ratio, solar insolation data and solar panel installation cost into SolarWise I found that this solar installation would yield a payback period of 5.63 years after subtracting out the solar rebates available to homeowners. This amounts to 11.8 years of solar power production before solar installations become financially viable over a solar system’s lifespan.

The solar rebates provided by the California solar Initiative are designed to help offset solar installation costs and make going solar more affordable for homeowners. With federal tax credits, online solar calculators and smart shopping it is possible to find a solar lease or solar loan that makes solar more affordable than ever before.

California solar rebate calculator to determine costs:

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