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generator service : Portable Generator vs. Whole House Generator

If you have done any research about generators, you are likely to find out that there are different options and types. Essentially, the aim of generator service is simply to have a backup source of power in the event of a natural disaster or a power outage. Portable and whole house generators are the main types of generators. The choice of any of the two serves the same function of alternative power generation. However, it is important to examine the two and the features and attributes comprised in them.

Portable generator service :

Portable generator service is a small and easier to carry generator that can power selected appliances rather than every appliance in the home in the case of a power emergency. For instance, it can be bought to power essential appliance like a refrigerator to prevent food kept in the fridge from spoiling. It can also be used for television or to charge computers and phones or any other appliance whose capacity falls within the range of the generating set. This type of generator is smaller in size and cost lesser.

Whole House Generator service:

This is a more stationary generator service as it is not portable and cannot be easily moved from place to place. It has the capacity to power most or all of the appliances in the home simultaneously. The cost may vary according to the size and capacity of the generator and the choice of the exact model to buy will be influenced by the capacity of the devices in the home and for the biggest sizes, the price may run into thousands of dollars. These type of generators tend to run on propane or natural gas rather than gasoline.

The choice of which type of generator to buy is not necessarily based on money but on certain indices such as

Home Size :

A moderately or small-sized home have no need for a whole house standby generator even when the fund for such is available. Size in this regard implies the size of the home and the number of occupants. This is because the more occupants are resident in a home, the more gadgets they are likely to use even in spite of whether the building is big or small. For instance, a home inhabited by older adults with little dependence on extensive modern gadgets can opt for a modern generator.

Devices and Equipment available:

The devices and equipment that are available in the home are also an important consideration in the choice of which generator service to purchase. A small family with lots of high-capacity appliances and equipment requires a bigger generator than a big family with small electrical appliances. An effective generating set must be able to power the major appliances of the home without stress.

Additionally, you can partner with allied veteran company to conduct an analysis of your home and recommend the range of generators most suitable for your needs. This can therefore save the owner, the stress of experimenting with different generators before deciding on which is the best option.