How Many Solar Panels do i need to Power your Home?


How Many Solar Panels do i need to Power your Home?. 1

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How Many Solar Panels do i need to Power your Home?

After settling for the choice of switching to solar energy, the question of how many solar panels do i need are tends to arise.  While this question can be completely deferred to the solar energy company, it is perhaps helpful for the home owner to have an idea of how solar panels are aggregated to decide the right number that can power an apartment. Consequent upon this, some of the factors that can determine the required number of panels are examined below;

Daily energy usage:

The frequency of how much you consume electricity can determine how many solar panels do i need of panels that would be good enough for your household. Kilowatts hour is a unit used for the measurement of energy.

1 Kilowatt can be denoted as 1000w. Considering that a few years ago panels tend to have a range of 275W-360W, you can be able to estimate exactly how much panels can effectively power your home. Also, past electricity bills can be useful in determining power consumption.

A simple formula to use is daily Usage (kWh) ÷ Sun-Hours ÷ 0.9 inefficiency factor = Minimum Solar Array Output. The minimum solar output on the other hand will now determine the capacity or number of panels that will be sufficient. An aggregate of your energy consumption in a year divided by 365 can offer an idea of your daily power consumption.


The amount of sunlight energy that is obtainable in your location can determine the amount of solar panels that would be needed for your apartment. Hence, an apartment in a location with constant sunlight may require less panels than a smaller apartment situated in a cold region with low sunlight energy.

Panel Efficiency:

The term panel efficiency simply refers to the level of power a solar panel can produce when compared with other panels. Solar panels can come in different qualities and the high-quality ones tend to be more energy-efficient.

Therefore when deciding on the specific panel to purchase, you might want to identify the efficiency metric of the manufacturer before subscribing for their product. High-quality panels may be costly and could be cost-effective as well.

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