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The term BTU simply refers to British Thermal Unit. It is denoted as a unit of heat and can be simply defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

The understanding of BTU is important for a homeowner because it helps to provide a deeper understanding of how the air conditioning system in the home functions because the higher the hvac BTU calculator the faster the capacity of the air conditioner in cooling the room.

Interestingly, it is apt to note that higher BTU doesn’t necessarily connote efficiency of the HVAC system because when an AC unit with a high BTU is installed in a relatively smaller room then it will likely resort to pumping out cool air in bursts instead of gently cycling on and off hence the air conditioning unit will be overworked. Using a low BTU system in a large room will also result in overworking the machine and this may interfere with the durability of the machine in the long term.

HVAC BTU Calculator : HVAC system 

Due to the importance of BTU’s it is not impossible to find different measures of calculating it online. The calculation of hvac BTU tends to be based on room size and this is exactly where the technicality of calculating it seems to emanate from because different factors can influence room size. For instance, factors such as the direction of sunlight and infrared ray from the sun can be factored into the equation.

1 BTU is equivalent to 1055 joules. To calculate the BTU of your room, you can calculate the cubic volume of your room in feet or meters. This can be done by multiplying the height, width and length of your room.

After this has been done, then you can multiply the figure by the following values for a rough estimate of your suggested BTU. In order to find out the exact figure of the BTU of your room, you can calculate different variables such as heat loss, size of windows, number of windows and room insulation.

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Alternatively, if the HVAC BTU calculation methods described above are a bit complicated for you then it is better that you engage an expert to do the calculation for you.