HVACHVAC Systems and the COVID-19 Myth :

HVAC Concerns about the modes of transmission of the coronavirus were rife at the peak days of the pandemic. The spontaneity of the pandemic and the mortality rate associated with the virus afforded scientists little time to conduct extensive research about its modes of transmission and this encouraged a lot of speculations.

One of the speculations was the possibility of the spread of the virus through the air and this then brings to the fore the possibility of transmission through the HVAC system in a home where a COVID-19 patient has visited or reside in.

Scientific Opinion :

According to experts, the airborne transmission of covid-19 is a theoretical possibility and this is consequent on the potential of small droplets of virus particles to remain airborne for some time. Based on this expert opinion, it can therefore be inferred that in situations where the virus particles hang in the air and an uninfected person inhales such air, the possibility of an infection is high.

However, it is apt to state that the risk of infection through this medium is low. It is safe to conclude that if the risk of transmission through this channel were high, then the spread of the virus would be even much greater than it was.

Corona Virus and HVAC ducts :

There is yet little or inadequate scientific proof that the virus can be transmissible through the air distribution system in the home. The chances of such occurrence would be rare but nevertheless, there are preventive measures that can be taken to forestall the possibility of such occurrence.

Some of the preventive measures that can be taken include; increasing the humidity levels of the HVAC in order to deactivate airborne particles and also make use of high-efficiency filters to trap virus particles. Where possible, you may also increase the ventilation across the home as this can be an effective way to dilute the virus particles and prevent them from spreading.

Additionally, you may request an assessment and evaluation of your HVAC unit from our company, so we can possibly embark on cleanup and sanitization of the units so you can enhance the cleanliness of your air distribution system.

Such cleanup may also boost the efficiency of the HVAC setup in your home. Hence, regardless of the existence of a virus or not, occasional cleanup of HVAC appliances is recommended as it can enhance the airflow in the home.