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We are Professional Solar and roofing company contractors. We are located in CAMPBELL and we are the top San Diego Countries residential solar and re-roofing contractors. We are family-owned and operated, and have been operating with a similar California State License number and the same owner since. For an appointment with us for a solar or roofing consultation at your home or business location call us. We can assist you in saving money and use a sustainable alternative to energy.

Our commitment for you to offer an honest assessment of your solar or roof rapid installation, as well as continuous support for the lifetime of your solar power and roof relationship. Our team will take note of your needs and goals, and will do their best to make the most efficient utilization of solar energy in your business or home.

We guarantee continuous support following the solar panel or roof is installed. We provide regularly scheduled maintenance and clean-up to ensure your system’s efficiency.

Why Should You Look Into Solar And Roofing Installation 

Many companies diversify their product and services in order to tap into a wider market or to be prepared in an ever-changing world. If you are able to add new services to your existing products, you could gain by doing this.

The unique union between solar and roofing provides many other advantages in addition to diversification

  • Roofers are able to determine the strength of a customer’s roof is, and if it is a good option of PV panel installation. Many solar power contractors employ certified roofers to inspect the roofs of homes prior to installing PV panels on roofs that are older.
  • Roofers have the best chance to help potential solar customers convert. PV installers invest a lot trying to arrange inspections on the premises and inspections, yet you’re there communicating with solar buyers in person. This makes the process of conversion easy – regardless of whether you’re looking to build a new roofing system with solar panels or upgrade an existing home using PV technology.
  • Roofers already have a lot of the necessary equipment and security equipment needed for solar installation (including the capability to install PV-powered shingles). They also are well-versed in the complex permits and approval procedures which are required for building homes and renovations.

Way To Start a Solar And Roofing Company

With this in mind it’s evident the solar roofing businesses have an advantage over companies that provide only one or another.

Solar power is unregulated, which means anybody can legally install PV solar panels to their roof. There are also home solar kits specifically designed to appeal to those who want to be part of the DIY crowd. However linking PV panels to the grid will require an electrical license from the state you reside in. Additionally they are recommended by industry experts for standards for accreditation and training such as those set forth through NABCEP. 

While it’s possible to get the above certifications and start providing solar-powered installations immediately, roofing contractors often opt to start slowly in the field. Here are some most common methods for testing the waters to determine if solar panels are a good fit for your business’s roofing needs.

1.Take out  And Sell Out Solar Leading To Partners

If you are out conducting roof inspections or repairs, you’ll be able to explain the advantages of solar energy to your clients. When homeowners express interest they are interested, you can offer these solar leads that are warm to trustworthy PV installers in your area of service.

Be aware that the majority of PV contractors are desperate to connect with suitable potential customers. Lead generation from solar is perhaps the least-touch option to enter the business. In addition, you have a higher chance of being the roofing contractor available every time PV installers require an expert to conduct structural studies of roofing.

2.Make Partner With Solar Installers

When you’ve got a better understanding of the market’s demand in your region, another good option is to buy the PV system from wholesalers, or from your Solar installation partner. After that, you can contract out your new installation to contractors with the license and certification required to connect solar grids to the utility grid.

3.Offer Solar  Installations As A Interior Service

The last step is to provide solar panel installation as one of your main offerings (along as roofing). The process of converting to solar requires certification for electrical installations. While it’s not mandatory training with NABCEP is highly advised. However, the decision to invest in these trainings is contingent on the progress you’ve gained from the earlier steps.

If the demand for solar PV is clear, getting fully licensed as an installer of solar PV is a reasonable cost. Actually the absence of this service can severely hinder the growth of your business in a market which is only projected to grow by 2percent over the next decade.

An Important Regard For The Roof is to Add Solar to Their Service

1.Know and be certified by the laws of your state

Incorporating solar into your portfolio can help you expand your reach. But the installation business itself is becoming increasingly crowded. One of the most effective ways to differentiate yourself for an installation professional is to get fully licensed in your state.

If your first ventures into the solar business succeed, it’s worth getting your certifications in place at the earliest possible point. This way, you’ll be able to accelerate the process of selling leads to turning leads.

2.Understand The Solar Panel Warranties

While most solar panels have warranties of 25 years Installing new PV systems may cause a homeowner to lose their roofing warranty.

In the same way, fixing roofs with existing PV systems could sometimes invalidate the warranty protections provided by the manufacturer of the panels or the original installer.

Combining solar and roofing together can help you more easily navigate the tricky terrain. It’s because you are able to guarantee both of these services, as well as give homeowners more extensive protection. This also means you’ll be the preferred contractor for future maintenance and enhancements.

3.Update Roofer Marketing Elements With Solar

Since you already interact with roofers and roofing customers, you already have an advantage in convincing homeowners to switch to solar. However, it’s essential to attend these inspections with up-to-date marketing materials that outline the way solar panels function and the advantages they bring once they’re installed such as savings on utility bills up to carbon offsets to increase in property value.

Extend  Roofing Services With Solar

The industry of roofing is highly competitive. With a lack of growth prospects and a lack of growth opportunities, it’s going to get more difficult to safeguard the shrinking margins. It’s an easy decision given the massive opportunity for growth as more homeowners shift away from fossil fuels and towards pure sunlight. Furthermore, you already have your boots on your roof, in addition to a thorough understanding of permits and security regulations that apply to building projects for your home.

Simply simply, adding solar energy to your business is an excellent opportunity to create more revenue, ensure the future of your business and contribute positively to the world.

If you’re keen on taking that next step check out the GreenLancer marketplace for solar to search for potential partners, download stunning designs and begin to build connections.

The solar marketing materials you choose to use must also explain the reason why your company is the best choice to do the task. It is a great opportunity to emphasize your qualifications such as roofing experience, NABCEP certification and the extensive warranty protection you provide.

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