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Allied Veterans is a top solar companies in the Bay Area and Veteran Owned.  We are an unapologetically patriotic sales and marketing company that is under contract by a growing number of select construction companies to find homeowners in need of their services.

We are a group of professionals with expertise in all types of construction sales, but specifically, Roofing, Solar, HVAC, Home Battery Storage, and Home Backup Generators. We service in many cities across the bay Area’s peninsula and stretch as far from Morgan Hill  all the way to Danville.

We are in the marketplace to provide a service to homeowners through our knowledge and experience to help them identify and contract with the right construction company of solar companies in the bay area to handle their particular home improvement needs.

There are many pitfalls a homeowner can fall into when attempting to do this on their own, whether it be for lack of time to do adequate research, or lack of experience in knowing what they should look for in selecting a construction company .

California solar company ,this is what we do all day, every day, we’ve done the research, and we have identified these pitfalls and we help our customers avoid them.


Well, the short answer to that is Nothing, Zero, Zip, Nada……..etc.

We are under contract with a select group of construction companies of solar companies in the bay area to find them customers……They pay us.
The construction industry is a very competitive industry, and the sad truth is that most construction companies will fail within their first five years of business. This is especially true of Roofing, Solar, and HVAC companies.

In most cases the reason why they fail is because they are forced to focus heavily on sales and marketing to stay in business and have a steady flow of profitable projects.

Oftentimes more and more of their operating budget is put into sales and marketing to bring in these projects, and therefore less, and less of their operating budget is put into customer service and construction operations.

Inevitably the quality of the materials used and the actual construction suffers. This brings down customer satisfaction ratings which in turn will make it more and more difficult to find customers. Next, even more focus is placed on sales and marketing taking even more focus away from the quality of the actual project…..this cycle continues until the construction company in California solar company is forced to close shop.

When this happens in many cases homeowners are left stranded in mid-project and out thousands of dollars….not to mention all of the customers with sub standard completed projects that no longer have a valid installation warranty!

So yes, Allied Veterans Roofing, Solar and HVAC Company does provide a valuable service  by California solar company for homeowners but we also provide an even more valuable service for a few select reputable, established construction companies which is to take away the burden and distraction of sales and marketing by providing them a steady flow of construction projects. This allows them to place their focus where it should be……building it!


Having had many years of experience in the construction industry in California solar company, we asked the question of ourselves. “If we were in the market for a particular project, what would be our selection process?”

There are many factors that should be considered in selecting a company to work with in getting your project completed, and while price is certainly a major consideration, it should not be the only consideration. We believe there should be a series of boxes checked before price even becomes one of these factors. With Allied Veterans *Price Match Guarantee, you can put the focus on checking all of the boxes……

As a sales and marketing company, Allied Veterans Roofing, Solar and HVAC Company truly believes that our most valued asset is our reputation.

On a regular basis, we are contacted by construction companies soliciting our services. Our answer is always the same, which is: “we will conduct our research and get back to you” and we do, but sadly in most cases we are forced to politely decline because these companies don’t meet our high standards and therefore could be a potential liability to our most valued asset.

Here are a few of the boxes we check that go into our secret sauce when selecting which construction companies to work with:

1) Contractors State License Board Compliance.
We not only check to make sure that a construction company is licensed to perform the type of construction offered, but we also make sure that they carry all of the associated workers comp’ and liability insurances to protect the homeowner.

In addition, any complaints against a particular contractor, or pending disciplinary action can be found here. In addition, you can also get a fair indication of how long that contractor has been in business with the issue date, although this can be a little deceptive at times as a company can change business names, and so more research must be done.

2) Financial Stability:
This one is often overlooked by homeowners, but it is actually very important. Typically a construction company will provide a lengthy workmanship warranty. But the warranty is only as strong as the company behind it.
Allied Veterans does not disparage existing competition, but one company that is no longer an entity can be used as an example.

Petersen Dean were huge! You may have heard of them as “Solar4America” which was their marketing name. Many of us “in the know” were well aware of their financial difficulties long before the pandemic, but the bottom line is that they provided what on paper looked like a pretty good workmanship warranty, but now because of their insolvency, many homeowners are left to cover repair costs of what should be covered by their warranty.

3) Customer Satisfaction Ratings:
While customer review sites should of course be taken with a grain of salt, and some are more reputable than others, they are in fact a reasonably good indication of how existing customers feel about the services provided. One major factor though is that a broad sampling is needed to get a true rating. Often, customer satisfaction ratings can be easily manipulated to reflect a false positive which is why it is so important to get a broad sampling.

Two factors to be considered when determining quality are of course the quality of the workmanship, but also the quality of the materials used. Many construction projects are very labor intensive which is where most of the costs may be associated.

It is very important not to skimp on the quality of the materials used in a project (roofing materials, solar panels, inverters…..etc). Allied Veterans ensures that all of our construction companies offer a variety of quality materials to be expertly installed this is what makes us one of the top solar companies in the Bay Area.

There are other factors to consider such as of course geographic location, communication, project management, time from signing to completion…..etc, but one HUGE factor is of course price……..

We’ve left this checkbox until last intentionally because if all of our other standards aren’t met, we don’t worry about this one because it doesn’t matter.

Contrary to what may be intuitive, we encourage our customers to shop our pricing, in fact we allow a full 14 days after signing to do so! Another reason why we are considered a top solar companies in the Bay Area.

Allied Veterans is proud to offer a Price Match Guarantee (terms & conditions apply) and because we offer this guarantee many of our customers move forward with impunity knowing that if they find a price that is lower from a reputable company using similar equipment Allied Veterans will either beat that price, or thank them for their time with a $100 gift card at a major retailer. Allied Veterans is a top solar companies in the Bay Area and Veteran Owned.

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