Bay Area Solar Power Benefits. 1

Why solar power benefits ?. 1

Bay Area Solar Power Benefits

Solar power benefits represents an environmentally friendly energy source that can power the energy need of the world without recourse to fossil fuel which is toxic for the environment. The amount of solar energy received by the earth is estimated at (100 000 TW) and this is reportedly more than 66,000 times greater than the annual worldwide electricity consumption (1.5 TW). Therefore, it can be said that 10 % efficient solar panels covering 0.3 % of the total land area of the Sahara desert could supply the energy needs of the world.

Such is the incredible potentials of solar energy although it is underutilized. Solar energy benefits can be set up in many countries just by setting up solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The deployment of solar energy is good for every nation but especially the developing world where there is still challenges with power generation. Solar energy can curb the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere occasioned by the use of gasoline or diesel-powered generators. It can be collected and stored and deployed on a large scale hence, societies and counties can embark on the collation of solar energy for onward distribution across the neighborhood.

Why solar power benefits ?

As the world population grows, the demand for electricity will become greater and increased use of fossil fuel will only hurt the environment greatly and man and the living organisms inhabiting the earth will bear the consequences. It is apt to note that a sizeable chunk of the world’s population relies on fossil fuel which itself has inimical effects on the health of its users as it can potentially cause illnesses such as pneumonia, lung cancer and chronic respiratory illnesses. Hence, the more increase in the use of fossil fuel, the more the chances of disease in the world.

Increased expenditure on renewable energy can limit the stress on healthcare facilities and medical care personnel who will have to receive many patients suffering from these diseases. It has been said that the presence of an underlining medical condition can increase the chance of death from coronavirus and this is not likely to be limited to the coronavirus alone.

Similarly net metering allows you to use the solar generated on your roof so that you can offset the electricity you draw from the grid when the sun is not shining, virtual net metering allows you to use solar energy generated remotely so you can offset the electricity from the grid, So “virtual”.

Apart from growth in world population, as innovations in technology continually grow, the spate of industrialization will potentially increase and this will contribute to more greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere thereby causing more threats to the ecosystem. In the quest for cleaner sources of energy, solar energy cannot be overlooked.