Allied Veterans Roofing, Solar & HVAC Company is a veteran owned and operated company comprised of experienced, talented, and knowledgeable home improvement professionals dedicated to providing California homeowners with energy conserving solutions to their home improvement needs.

We are passionate about creating a quality meets value fusion for every home improvement project we take on.

We take great pride in accomplishing our mission of delivering a positive customer experience, holding ourselves to military grade honor, integrity, and esprit de corps.


Tony Roberts – Veteran, Patriot, Father.

Originally from New York, Tony was moved to Oxford, England at a very young age by his mother. As a child, Tony remembers a conversation with one of his friend’s mothers, and her describing him as somebody that would be well suited for military service, which in turn sparked his interest in experiencing life in the military. This was the early 80’s, and with Tony’s mother actually being Irish, and part of an Irish community living and working at the car factory in Oxford, joining the British military was not a viable option.

One year while visiting California he fell in love with his country of birth – the good old USA, so Tony decided to go talk to a Marine Corps recruiter to see if enlisting was an option. Fast forward and a couple of months later Tony spent his 18th birthday in USMC boot camp.

After serving eight life changing, and character-building years in the Corps and now having a young family to consider, Tony decided to take advantage of his now established foothold back on American Soil and ventured into the private sector. In 2012, and after a successful career in finance, Tony’s interest was sparked by Solar, which in turn led to an education in energy conserving Roofing, HVAC and other home improvements.

Tony now combines his Military, Finance, and Energy Efficient Home Improvement experience to educate employees, and homeowners on how to find the best possible return on investment for any Home Improvement Project.