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California Renewable Energy - Is Green Energy gold for Danville

California Renewable Energy Standard continues to move aggressively, creating benefits for the industry, taxpayers, and, most importantly, every citizen of planet Earth.

Renewable energy is what everyone in the Western world is thinking about today, but Californians are even more progressive than most. California has long made environmental protection a high priority and supports renewable energy in all its forms.

California Renewable energy – How much energy is renewable?

As of 2018, California’s renewable energy accounted for 31.3% of California’s total energy consumption. Moreover, 32.4% of all energy produced in California was renewable, with natural gas (46.5%) and nuclear power (9.4%) being the next two.

In 2015, Governor Brown signed SB350, which requires all utilities operating companies in California to use renewable energy sources by 2030 to generate at least 50% of the energy they supply. This means that the amount of renewable energy used in California will increase significantly in the coming years.

In California How much does electricity cost?

The average cost of electricity in California is on the rise, going from 14.90 cents per kWh for residents in October 2019 to 20.79 cents in October 2020. The national average is also growing, so it’s not just California. This has led many residents to consider switching to renewable energy to lower their costs or try to avoid the fluctuating cost of fossil fuels.

Deregulation in California – What it is?

Deregulation means residents can choose their own energy company by purchasing a tariff for a predetermined period of time. The theory behind this is that as energy companies compete with each other, prices go down and better options are offered to residents.

In California, this means you can buy energy through whichever company you like, but one big utility company will still supply your energy and be held accountable if something goes wrong. 

This gives you the opportunity to choose a company whose values align with yours and save money. For example, you might choose an energy company that uses only renewable energy sources, rather than one that uses all fossil fuels.

California Renewable Energy Act

The California Renewable Energy Act is a bill that mandates that all energy in the state be based on zero-emission sources (also known as clean renewables) by 2045. that the state will remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it creates.

Should you use solar energy in California?

Could be.  The leading state for solar installations is actually California. Thanks to its abundance of sunny days, especially in the south. But solar panels are not for everyone. Some considerations before continuing:

  • Do you have your own house? If not, solar panels are unlikely to be an option.
  • Do you have a Home Owners Association (HOA) that will need to approve your decision?
  • Do you have a suitable location or a roof that receives the sun all day?
  • Do you live in the area of California where the sun shines the most? Solar panels cannot work on cloudy days.
  • Are you ready to spend? (A solar panel installation costs between $12,500 and $17,000 on average.)

The high cost of installation is usually a huge factor in whether someone decides to go ahead with installing solar panels. If you have the money, your own home, and live in an ideal area, this might be the best choice for you. But if any of these above points are not true, then choosing a renewable energy plan may be the best choice for you.

Is there a solar tax credit in California?

California offers tax breaks and solar rebates for those who choose to install solar panels. Local discounts vary depending on which state you live in, so you should do your research and talk to local solar companies who should know what discounts you qualify for. They usually amount to a maximum of $500, with an average of $300.

In many areas of the state, you can take advantage of the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) financing program, which allows you to finance your solar installation and pay for it with property taxes.

While California does not offer a general tax credit, the federal solar tax credit is substantial and has been extended through 2021

Why choose  Alliedveterans as your California renewable energy company?

Unlike many other states, you are lucky to have several different options when it comes to renewable energy in Danville. (Company Name) supplies our customers with 100% renewable energy from clean energy sources such as wind and solar farms.

We strive to change the world for the better and increase the demand for clean energy so that we can change the world for the better. Pollution emitted by traditional energy sources causes global warming, damages the environment, and exacerbates respiratory diseases. The more of us switch to clean energy, the cleaner our world will be and the better it will be for future generations.

We offer our customers completely customized prices depending on their use and home, and this price is fixed. This means no more trying to predict what your electricity bill will be and not being surprised when you finally see the bill. And we do not tie you to a long-term contract: you can cancel it at any time without risk.

We’ll easily switch your supply to us so you don’t have to think about it again after you’ve made the switch. You may just feel relieved knowing that you have drastically reduced the impact of your home.

How to change electricity suppliers in California?

Once you have decided which company you want to supply your energy to, the process of changing your electricity supplier is very simple. First, check if you are subject to a commission or a contract; if so, you may have to pay an early switch penalty.

All you have to do is tell your new company that you want to switch to them. They will start switching and let your current (soon to be defunct) energy supplier know that you have decided to move.

From there, if you have no outstanding bills or are willing to pay them, they will “release” you so you can switch to your new provider.

Your new supplier will then be responsible for paying bills and purchasing energy for you. Because you live in Danville, California the utility company responsible for your area will continue to supply you with electricity, but will not be responsible for billing, or will bill you with your new provider, depending on the plan you choose.


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