how to install solar panels on roof

How To Install Solar Panels On Roof - Mounting Solar Panels On Roof

Curious about how to install solar panels on roof? Solar installation is not a job for the faint of heart. Solar installers must attach thousands of pounds worth of equipment to roofs safely, securely, and generally high above the ground, using only a few tools and a scaffolding tower.

Before we walk you through the traditional method of installing solar panels, we’ll go over what has to be done before you start. You’ll quickly realize why it’s better to leave it to the pros!

What to do in advance of a solar installation

Installer with accreditation

For a seamless and approved solar installation, finding the proper technician who are know how to install solar panels on roof is critical. Prior to the solar installation, the installer will need to do a quick study to determine whether your property is suited for solar panels. This involves determining if your roof’s pitch, aspect, and strength are appropriate for its intended use.

A house with a structurally solid, 10 – 60° sloped roof facing east, south, or west is a good resident for solar panel installation. That’s about hundreds of thousands of houses in the Burlingame that may benefit from solar panels!

To obtain a competitive price, get many quotations from different installers and confirm your installer’s qualifications. 

Planning authorization is required

Solar panels are categorized as “Permitted Development” in 9 out of 10 cases, which means they don’t require planning approval (PD). Your licensed installer will assist you in ensuring that your solar system complies with all necessary PD requirements. The following are some of the criteria:

  1. Solar panels cannot be installed higher than the property’s highest point (not including the chimney).
  2. The solar panel must not protrude more than 200mm from the roof’s surface.
  3. The look of the building must be reduced to a minimum if solar panels are to be installed.

In Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the requirements for listed structures and homes may alter slightly. As a result, double-checking with your local planning department before installing solar panels is always a good idea.

Will the solar panels cause harm to my roof?

Roof anchors, on the other hand, are meant to fit between roof tiles. The installer replaces the roof tiles once they have been properly attached. Roof anchors come in a variety of styles to accommodate different types of roof tiles. For certain roofs, custom-built tiles may be required to connect the wiring to the inverter within your home.

Step-By-Step Guide on How To Install Solar Panels On Roof?

Standard solar installations take only a day or two, and the certified installer Who are  know how to install solar panels on roof will have conducted a thorough study to determine all of the specifics prior to the installation. Two or more roofers, as well as a wiring electrician, make up the installation team.

1. Place the scaffolding in place

This is critical for the installation team’s safety. It’s a good idea to double-check that the cost of scaffolding installation is covered and that there’s adequate space outside your home for the scaffolding tower.

2. Secure the roof anchors

The roof anchors keep the solar panel frame in place, and the type of anchor used is dictated by the type of roof tile used. The installation crew will begin by removing part of your roof’s tiles and securing the roof anchors to the rafters. During the survey, the installer should have gone into the loft to confirm that the rafters and roof are acceptable for solar panel installation.

3. Put the frame together

The anchors, which run vertically and horizontally over the roof, connect the aluminum frame (or solar panel rails) to the anchors.

4. Put the solar panels up

Finally, the panels must be attached to the frame. The panels are gently clamped to the frame and then tightened once the installer has achieved the desired angle.

5. Installation of solar panels

You’ll need a qualified solar installation crew for this. Because they are how to install solar panels on roof. Although the panels are normally prewired by the manufacturer, they must still be linked to an inverter.

The electrician will set up the inverter in your home while the installation team is busy putting solar panels on the roof (usually in the loft). The inverter converts produced direct current (DC) power into useable alternating current (AC) (AC). After that, you may use your free electricity to power your home’s electrical appliances. Before proceeding, make sure the electricity is turned off at the fusebox.

6. Final inspections

The final connections to the consumer unit are made by the electrician. For ease, she’ll place the generation meter near the fusebox. After that, the electrician turns the power back on to check the solar system. This is done to confirm that there are no problems and that the solar panels are producing as expected.

What type of solar energy makes the most sense?

Photovoltaic (which utilizes arrays of cells to convert sunlight into energy) and thermal (which uses sunlight to heat water or air for use indoors) are the two most common solar technologies.

According to engineer Timothy Wilhelm, who coordinates the electrical technology program and teaches solar installation at Kankakee Community College in Illinois, if your home uses a lot of energy for heating or you live somewhere where heating fuel is expensive relative to electricity, a solar thermal investment could break even sooner. However, because solar thermal is less common in residences, finding a trained installer may be more difficult.

Framework for the Ground

Ground Framework is another form of installation that happens in instances where a roof is not suitable for direct installed solar panels.

Ground Frameworks are embedded in the ground and may either track or follow the sun for maximum power generation, or they can be stationary (i.e., not move). The solar panels put in this manner still operate as Direct Mounted panels; the only difference is the positioning. If you have a lot of open areas and a clear view of the horizon from sunrise to sunset, this method of mounting is a preferable choice.

Are you considering a solar installation?

We can assist you how to install solar panels on roof with solar panel installation for your home. Simply complete our contact form. One of our Technical Account Managers will contact you shortly to discuss your project and prepare a proposal with performance estimates and an initial quotation.

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