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Learn About Solar Energy Engineering In Los Gatos

Solar energy engineering- what is it? To learn everything about solar energy please read the complete blog. 

Solar energy engineering is the process by which we research, design, develop and implement the use of solar energy.

Here are some common solar energy products that you may have seen or heard about:

  • Solar water heaters (uses thermal energy)
  • Solar panels that power your home or business (called photovoltaic or photovoltaic solar panels)
  • Solar chargers for all your electronic devices

The people responsible for all this are called engineers, more precisely solar energy engineers!

Think of anything that requires electricity. It’s practically everywhere we are and in everything we do! Solar energy engineers come up with ways to use this energy to make things work. Their work usually begins with a consultation with the client, a site appraisal, and a financial assessment, which allows them to analyze and evaluate the project.

The engineer then develops the best plan and considers all relevant factors. They can also oversee or manage the implementation of the plan and report on the effectiveness, cost, and safety of the project. An engineer can also be consulted to deal with breakdowns, emergencies, and system maintenance.

What is the Importance of Solar Energy Engineering?

The world’s population exceeds 7.8 billion people. Most of them use electricity on a daily basis for lighting, heating, cooling, cooking, watching TV, using computers and other devices, and more. That’s a lot of electricity!

There are several ways to generate electricity. Burning fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil to generate electricity has been shown to be efficient. But they are not renewable resources, which means they will run out sooner or later! The negative impact of fossil fuels on the environment includes air pollution, global warming, and sea-level rise. So the future is with renewable and clean energy!

In 2019, it was reported that less than 20% of the electricity generated in the US comes from solar. This is quite small considering its availability. So why don’t we use more? Some say it’s the cost or its dependence on the weather, or the bulkiness of the equipment, etc.

However, as with many other things, time allows for improvement. In fact, just recently a new solar panel design has been introduced that promises potentially more widespread use of solar power. Look how far we’ve come in technology over the past few decades. We need more innovative minds to keep developing solar technology to make it better, more efficient, and more attractive. 

7 of the Most Stunning Solar Energy Engineering Project that Powering Our World

As the United States advances a new infrastructure plan, we need far-sighted ways to secure the future. If wind power and hydraulics have their place, solar power will also have to play an important role. Here are some amazing Solar Energy Engineering projects to inspire you.

  • Benban Solar Park, Benban, Egypt

Benban is a solar park under construction in eastern Egypt that, when completed, will be the largest solar facility in the world, producing 1.8 GW of power. It is expected to go live later this year, although parts of it are already online.

  • Longyangxia Dam Solar Park, China

Located in the Chinese province of Qinghai, it is one of the largest solar parks in the world, with an area of about 27 square kilometers (or about 10 square miles). This park produces an impressive 850 MW of electricity, although planned solar farms in India will exceed that number, as well Tengger’s own desert solar park in China.

This solar park shows that it can get enough clean solar energy to power nearly 200,000 homes.

  • Cochin International Airport, India

This Indian airport, the seventh busiest in the country, is the first fully solar-powered airport in the world. In fact, it’s not just 100% clean energy, his solar farm returns energy to the grid. The solar energy engineering project, located next to one of the airport terminals, lasted for years. It looks like the investment in solar energy engineering is finally paying off.

  • Chernobyl Solar Plant

The site of the world’s most devastating nuclear disaster is now looking for a new makeover with a brand new solar park. This one-megawatt solar power plant is not the largest solar energy engineering project in the world, but perhaps one of the brightest.

  • Sungrow Solar Farm, Huainan, China

Like the Chernobyl power plant, this solar farm also has a story to tell. It is the largest floating solar panel in the world and is also on top of a collapsed coal mine. The facility produces 40 MW of electricity and is another sign that the world’s biggest air polluter is trying to reclaim its reputation.

  • Solar Star, California

The Solar Star Photovoltaic Power Plant near Rosemund, California is not only the most powerful solar farm in the United States (as well as the Western Hemisphere) but also the largest solar energy engineering plant in the country. It covers an area of 13 square kilometers (or 5 square miles) and produces 579 MW. The second-largest US solar farm, Topaz Solar Farm, produces 550 MW.

  • Solar Panel Bike Path, Krommenie, Netherlands

When the first solar-powered bike path was installed in the Netherlands in 2014, it was a huge success. So much so that France has a plan to build entire solar roads that could supply up to 8% of the country’s energy needs. Japan is taking a similar approach but instead applying the idea to water and building the world’s largest floating solar panel. It just goes to show that a small solar energy engineering project can have a huge impact.

Bottom Line

Solar energy is the cleanest renewable energy source available on our planet today. When the threat of global warming literally hung over our world, solar energy became a sought-after means of combating the cause. Without harming the environment, we can now convert sunlight and heat into electricity. That’s why we need research on solar energy engineering more than ever!


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