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Solar Panel Installation in Scotts Valley - How Much Does It Cost

We’re here to help you determine if a solar power system in Scotts Valley, California is worth it. We will also answer your questions about solar panel installation costs in Scotts Valley. 

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Solar Panel Installation in Scotts Valley, California – How Much Do They Cost?

The statistics below depict the overall cost of solar panel installation in Scotts Valley as well as the expected payback time. The numbers below are based on the assumption that you intend to buy the system outright. You can also take out a loan, rent a system, or set up an electricity buy agreement.

  • 5 kW residential system

The cost of the system is estimated to be $20,950.

(-) Federal tax credit: 30%, with no upper limit

After-tax credits, the total cost is $14,665.

Estimated annual energy savings: $1,628

Cost recovery time: 9 years and 0 months

$34,175 in savings over 30 years

  • 50 kW commercial system

$193,500 is the estimated cost of the system

(-) Federal tax credit: 30%, with no upper limit

After-tax incentives, the total cost is $135,450

Annual estimated energy savings: $16,283

Cost recovery time: 8 years and 4 months

$353,040 in savings over 30 years

Due to complicated pricing, frequent changes, and unique variables such as real estate taxes for your house or company, government refunds are not computed. In general, California’s financial incentives are inadequate, so anticipate paying a bit less than what is mentioned above. All of our solar partners will assist you in determining the perks you are eligible for. You may either obtain a quotation by using the button above or go to to see what government solar incentives are available.

In Scotts Valley, should you go solar?

Obviously, only you can make that decision, but we’ve compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages of solar panel installation in your Scotts Valley home or business:


  • The federal benefit of 30% has been extended till 2019.
  • Solar energy’s payback period is shortened due to the high cost of power on the grid (0.17 dollars per kilowatt-hour).
  • Costs of power are rapidly rising (+13 percent in the previous 5 years).
  • Excellent Policy Outcomes: Clean measurement (A) | interconnected (B) (A)
  • The amount of sunlight is significantly higher than typical (21.1 percent above average)


  • Financial incentives provided by the government are ineffective (#28 out of 50).
  • Electricity usage is lower than average (557 kWh per month), which implies there are fewer options to economize.

Methodology for saving

With a usual 5% of overall system losses, we predict savings of 19% of collected energy from a highly efficient system. Losses in a system are caused by both the unavoidable (system age, power dissipation in wire and connections, etc.) and the preventable (system age, power dissipation in wiring and connections, etc). (shading from trees, dust, etc.). It’s also worth noting that as the system matures, it will become somewhat less efficient.

In Scotts Valley, for example, August is the sunniest month, with an average of 7.19 kW per meter per day. Depending on the roof, a 5 kW system will cover around 25 square meters. So, here’s how much money you’ll save in August in Scotts Valley:

Available: 7.19 kW/m2 * 25m2 = 179.68 kW/day

179.68 * 19% efficiency = 34.14 kW/day absorbed

32.43 kW/day useable = 34.14 kW * 95 percent system retention

32.43 kW * $0.17 per kW in California * 30 days = savings of up to $170.92 on average in August.

For the average Scotts Valley house, these assumptions are excellent, but nothing beats getting your own estimate.

Solar installation may raise the value of your property

Solar energy is the most economical source of energy that can be used in homes and businesses. It can even be considered free because its number one source is the sun. Harnessing this solar energy and converting it into usable energy that can run appliances and electrical components in the home.

And it is one of the major benefits a Scotts Valley solar panel installation can provide. Solar panel installation can help reduce your home’s commercial electricity use. Solar installation is a smart investment that can save you thousands of dollars for years to come. Solar installation can take as little as 2 hours or less depending on the size of the panels. They are durable and usually last up to 25-50 years. They can add value to your home and won’t harm your roof.

Find the Lowest Solar Installation Prices – Scotts Valley, CA

The major reason why individuals are hesitant to get a solar system in Scotts Valley is because of the high cost. However, you will gain in the long term if you get one because the solar system will ultimately pay for itself.

You won’t save money, but you will save money in the form of decreased utility costs and tax credits from your state. In general, the more money you spend on current energy costs, the more money you save with a solar installation in Scotts Valley. To be more specific, each $129 you pay for power each month is the equivalent of a 1 kW solar panel.

If your monthly power bill is $129, you’ll need to invest in a 5kW solar installation to meet your expenses. A 5 kW solar system might cost anywhere from $163 and $198.


  • Is it true that a Scotts Valley solar panel installation may reduce my power cost to zero?

Yes. Solar systems may create more power than can be utilized in a month, lowering the cost of electricity to $0. You can still keep connected to the electrical grid by paying a nominal connection charge.

  • To pay the whole cost of my Scotts Valley power bill, how many solar panels will I need to install?

The quantity of solar panels you need is determined by your monthly energy use. Because a solar panel may produce between 250 and 300 watts, 20 solar panels are required to generate 5 kW of power.

  • Do I have to remove my solar panels if I move out of my present home with solar panels?

Nope!Solar panels have the potential to raise the value of your home. If you’re considering selling it, you might be amazed at how simple it is.

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