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Installing Solar panels Bakersfield has lots of benefits. If you moving to Bakersfield or a Long-term resident or you looking to shave your power bills, then this article will help to get all the information on installing solar panels  Bakersfield. 

Information About Solar Panels Bakersfield

Solar power is becoming a more common choice for households these days. Apart from the cost savings, there are a variety of tax benefits and other payments available from the government, the state, and the power providers, you know how to navigate the system. For solar panels bakersfield locals, we’ve put up a simple guide.

Solar Panel Payback Period in Bakersfield:

Let’s start with the most important. How long will it take for you to get reimbursed for your installation costs? It will take 10 years to pay for itself based on a 5kW installation size. That’s after all the tax breaks and incentives are factored in (below). Keep in mind that solar panels are one of the few house renovations that pay for themselves.

  • Solar Tax Credits at the Federal Level

Did you know that you may deduct 30% of the cost of your solar installation from your taxable income? If you haven’t already, check out our introduction to the Federal Solar Tax Credit. But don’t forget to return to this page for more information on Bakersfield’s local tax advantages.

  • Solar Rebates & Tax Credits in Bakersfield

Are you considering putting solar panels on your home’s roof? Because solar panels Bakersfield participates in the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Program for household solar systems, it’s a fantastic location to start. The state has mandated that utility companies provide rebates to solar installations, and the main three — PGE, SCE, and CCSE — as well as numerous smaller ones, are all complying. Because CSI guidelines are complicated, we can only say that you’ll probably get some money back, but we can’t predict how much – visit the CSI webpage for more information. The state used to provide a tax credit as well, but that is no longer the case.

  • Exemptions from the Bakersfield Solar Tax

Solar panels bakersfield will boost the value of your property indefinitely. The rule of thumb is to double your yearly power bill savings by 20 – a sizable number! The value generated by your solar system is lawfully excluded from any valuation for property tax reasons in Bakersfield, as it is in the entire state of California, As a result, if you invest in panels, you’ll reap the entire advantage when it comes time to sell. However, it’s a shame that the panels and equipment aren’t tax-free.

  • Net metering in Bakersfield

Are you thinking about selling any extrasolar electricity back to the grid? Bakersfield is an excellent location for this. The utility provider will either give you a credit against future bills or send you an annual check at the current rate. You also won’t have to worry about SRECs because the firm is required to meter your output, so you’ll be dealing directly with the company. Just make sure you inform them how they can pay you for the extra money. They get to keep it if you don’t give them a clear command!

  • Additional information

Is it a large installation? Consider the FIT Feed-in-Tariff (net metering for solar farms) in California and/or the Federal Clean Energy Production Tax Credit. These two, though, are beyond our purview.

Consult a solar installer in your area. Talking to a specialist in your region may be the best approach to learning more about local tax credits. They’ve filed for a variety of tax credits and incentives before, and they’d be pleased to put together a bespoke solar quotation for your house that takes into account all of these considerations. Request a free solar quotation right now.


We’ve put together a list of the top 6 things you should consider before installing those rooftop solar panels Bakersfield to help you determine whether solar power is the perfect solution for your house or your company.

  • Is it time to fix your roof?

Ask yourself, “How old is my roof?” before you even contemplate adding solar panels. Installing solar panels is generally not the greatest choice if you know you’ll need a new roof soon or if a portion of your roof is damaged. If at all feasible, get any roof repairs completed before the installation. You won’t have to spend more to take down the work and then reassemble it (in some cases for at least 20 years).

Another thing to think about is the difference between the guarantee on your roof and the warranty on your solar panels. If you have solar panels that will last 20 years but a roof that will only last 10 to 15 years, your maintenance costs will skyrocket. To decrease the amount of work, time, and money you will need to devote, try to match both initiatives in terms of how long they will last.

  • What are the dimensions of your roof?

Roofs are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Make sure your roof has enough room for the solar panels before proceeding with any installation. You will most likely not obtain the return on your investment if there isn’t enough room.

  • In which direction do your roof’s slopes face?

Solar panels must be installed in a precise way in order to create the optimum quantity of energy. The majority of specialists advise orienting the panels south, while some advice orienting them west. Regardless, you must identify this information before the installation can begin.

  • What is the maximum weight capacity of your roof?

Solar panels will add to the weight of the structure of your roof. If the weight of these solar panels becomes too heavy for your roof to handle, it may collapse. This is extremely dangerous, not to mention expensive, for a variety of reasons. To avoid either of these eventualities, get your roof inspected by an expert to see whether additional support is required to complete the installation.

  • What about the rest of nature’s awe-inspiring features?

Dealing with extreme weather, such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, hail, and other natural calamities is a crucial element of keeping your solar power system operational. As a result of these accidents, it’s probable that some solar power equipment may be damaged. While some insurance plans may cover these calamities, it is vital to consider, particularly if you reside in an area where this type of weather occurs frequently.

While installing solar panels in Bakersfield, equipment like racking and cable harnesses may prevent water from flowing and draining properly. Solar panels can cause water to flow in the incorrect direction, resulting in leaks and other problems. These difficulties will have to be rectified, which will involve the solar panels being removed.

To avoid any of these problems, make sure the contractor is aware of your worries. They’ll be able to provide you with a plan that shows the installation will have no detrimental impact on water runoff.

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